The master’s degree in Peace Culture, Conflicts and Human Rights is a conjuncted qualification offered by the Peace and Conflicts Institute of the University of Granada, the the Unesco desk of Conflicts Resolution of the University of Córdoba the Faculty of Education of the University of Malaga and the Faculty of Science of Education of the University of Cádiz, and it is the product of an agreement signed by their own universities with the aim of contributing to the knowledge and development of human rights, the principles of democracy and men-women equality, solidarity, protection of the environment, universal accessibility and promotion of peace culture.

Its main objective is to educate students and qualify them for the analysis and comprehension of present realities and the construction of a pacific future, providing intellectual resources which enables them to advice those institutions and organizations which demand it. Is an interdisciplinary qualification, which will be taught during an annual term.

Peace Culture is a concept well defined by United Nations following the path undertaken by the pacifist movement and the Investigation for Peace, and have deep social and cultural involvement, which have to be assumed, studied and spread by all those Universities who feel to be committed with the promotion and creation of a fairer, pacific and sustainable world.

Andalucian Universities, during the past few years, have demonstrated their sensibility with these thematics through several activities — investigation projects, courses, seminaries, post-graduate studies, advising activities and public declarations — developed by the centers which participate to this Master. As a product of this job, sustained by the Andalucian Network of Investigation of Peace and Human Rights and an Andalucian Plan for Peace Culture and Non-Violence, this qualification comes to make official this whole grounding.

Aware of the need to recognize, spread and promote Peace Culture, the Autonomous Community of Andalucía and its Universities are able to assume this challenge, which suppose the education of students of its own community as well as of other ones, from ibero-american as mediterranean countries, in a supportive and cooperative scientific-academic perspective of different specializations (Sociology, Politics, History, Anthropology, Pedagogy, Communication, Philology etc.), in order to enable them to be academic, intellectual and social leaders in their societies.

The Inter-University Master Degree in Peace Culture means to get the highest profit from the resources of the Andalucian Universities — which can be reinforced by other national and international experts —. At the same time it means to give autonomy enough to adapt itself to the specific needs of each University.